Lloyd Pollak South African ArtTimes febr 2011  “Manet’s too tight to mention” at the WhatiftheworldGallery Capetown  “…Patrick Schols creates his own personal medium of layer upon layer of thin strips of timber glued together. He then carves, gessoes and paints his hand-made plywood, turning shelf furniture into stripped down, minimalist works of art. His ‘Pumpkin’, a supremely elegant, delicately ribbed organic form with a fine chalky patina and a mellow ivory hue, looks like an ornamental plinth by Ruhlmann. However when you open its concealed door, it throws off its disguise, and reveals itself as a cocktail cabinet with a jazz-age orange interior, a shelf system like the lobed compartments of a gourd, with a circular revolving platform providing ease of access to the bottles housed in its rear. Schols’s ‘Golden Egg’ displays a similarly incisive silhouette, structural ingenuity and flair for metaphor, fantasy and surprise. This gilded hanging cupboard, forms a sleek, gleaming, golden oval worthy of Brancusi. Open the door, and you glimpse pigeonholes as a geometric construction a la Ben Nicholson in pale oyster pink.The equivalent of the secret drawer in antique desks, this fairy tale piece was designed as a repository for intimate love-letters, diaries and other potentially compromising material…” -Lisa Späni_Werkspuren Schweiz 2004 betiteld het werk als : “Poesie mit Funktionalität” -Karin Mecklenburg _ Architektur & WohnenBRD 2002 ……..”Verfremdungskünstler wäre der passende Titel für den Holländer Patrick Schols. Seine museumsreifen Objekte habe einen poetischeAusstrahlung und sind ausserdem ein haptischer Genuss” Beate Berger_Deutsche Voque Voquetalentnovember 1999 …….”Er fertigt in seinem Atelier Objekten die sowohlKunst-als auch Möbelexperten bezaubern. Anfassen erwünscht!” = back